Common Fertility Issues Treated



Acupuncture can help support a wide range of issues that could be affecting your fertility. It’s worth noting that it’s often assumed women’s fertility issues are the main cause but male fertility has fallen significantly over the last few years. So much so that male and female factors are equal contributing factors to a couple’s conception problems.

Bear in mind that in the early stage of investigations, sperm is often labelled ‘normal’, when in fact it is far from optimal and only 20 years ago would have been considered the main cause of infertility. It’s highly recommended that men have treatment as well as women.

Jo works with both men and women to help them achieve optimum conditions for conception. Whether you’re experiencing period problems or issues with your sperm, it’s worth trying acupuncture.

Below is a list of many of the health issues that could be affecting your ability to conceive and that Jo regularly treats in clinic. It’s not exhaustive so if you have further questions please get in touch here.

Period problems
lack of, irregular, endometriosis, fibroids, heavy, painful, spotting or stopping and restarting bleed, PMT, PCOS, mid cycle bleeding or pain

General Health
Stress, anxiety, depression, low energy, insomnia

Hormonal Imbalances
Thyroid problems, low FSH, Diabetes, Adrenal fatigue

Supporting Assisted Reproductive Techniques - IUI, IVF & ICSI cycles
Reducing side effects and increasing pregnancy rates, treated unexplained infertility, fallopian tube function, egg quality, miscarriage, immunity

Male Infertility
Sperm count, Morphology, Motility, Support energy and libido, Reduce stress

Thank you Jo so much for the treatment you have been giving my daughter for the past few months. The impact on her health of your care has been remarkable not just in terms of the physical improvements like a more regulated cycle and glowing skin but in terms of her general mood...a much happier and more positive person all round. I am recommending you to all my friends not just for being a fantastic acupuncturist but a lovely lady with a warm heart and incredibly supportive nature
— Kathy, Burgess Hill

Jo has had a great deal of success treating fertility issues. If you’d like to book you can do so online or via our remote reception on 01273 251575.

If you’d like to find out more before you book a treatment, book a free 15 minute consultation - to chat either by phone or at the clinic. Alternatively, you can email or contact her via our contact form.